Cartridges Tender EPL-1/2019

Intermidiary Results:
BEST OFFER * USD44 900 (TopPrint)

Tender Organizer:

LLC TonerOptTorg, Moscow, RU (belong to T2 Russia Group, owner of «T2» and «Easyprint» trademarks). Contact person: Evgeny Lapshov  (Mr.)

Few words to our partners according our first public tender:

Dear Friends, Partners and companies we invited! if you want to take a part in our first public printer cartridges tender and supply your goods to us, please send your offers (filled order list.xls, you can find it in the ‘documents’ section below) to Evgeny Lapshov ( by email.  If you represent the company we didn’t invited, but you would like to attend this Tender, please send your company information and business card first to get approval.

Dear participants! Before sending your price offer, pleases check latest best offer, made by other participants. If your offer have higher total amount, please don’t send it to us. Thanks for understanding.

Terms and conditions:

Tender starts at 00:00am 18/02/2019 and ends in 72hrs after last best offer from applicants has been received, confirmed and accepted by us. No offers, received after that moment will be considered even if they have better price/terms/conditions.

We undertake to sign the Contract with the Winner of this Tender within 7 working days after tender finished. List of last and best offers from participants, winner information, current status and other information will be available at this page (address is and global tenders page (address is

Companies/Persons, who sent their offers to us, agreed that their offers will become public information in the terms of total amount for goods, delivery and warranty time, payment terms. If you want to keep this information in secret, please stay away of this tender and do not send us your offer. Thanks for understanding.

Organizer reserves the rights to cancel the tender results if Winner of this Tender will refuse to sign the contract and/or to supply the goods under the price, terms and conditions listed here and offered by them. Proper feedback will be given to that company in this case.

Goods assortment, package and quality:

We want to purchase laserjet cartridges according to the list you can find below in the ‘documents’ section.


  • Page yield MUST be same (+/-5%) with OEM cartridges.
  • Solid density must not be 5% less then OEM cartridges solid density, tested according to the STMC methods in same environment conditions (ASTM F1823, ASTM F1856).
  • Price for cartridge MUST includes color box, PE bag, airbag or foam.
  • MUST use OPC from this list: PhotoC/HG, SGT (Suzhou GoldenGreen Technology), Fuji, MKI (Mitsubishi Kagaku Imaging), HANP/Baiksan, ALP, NeoPhotoCon, Park&OPC (Daewon)
  • Must use powder from this list: Teshine, Pointrole (these 2 for brother products), HG, TTI, Jadi, DingLong, Imex, MKI, Tomoegawa, Uninet, Spheritone
  • Must use latest chip version, if different term not specified in the list
  • Add 1*A5 Size instruction manual, made of 80gsm paper
  • Add 1cm*1cm hologram sticker for each color box.
  • Warranty: 12 month and defective ratio is less then 1%

Please follow requirements for products and its parts in your offer. We reserves the right to reject the offer if your products do not correspond the Terms, listed above,

Payment terms and delivery conditions:

We offer follow payment terms:

1st  (10%) advance payment for cartridges will be made after sign the Contract, before production.

2nd (20%) advance payment will be made before delivery.

3rd – (70%) balance payment will be made against Bill of Lading, before goods arrive port of discharge.

If you have better offer, please advice. Better payment terms, like credit will be your advantage.

Responsibility of parties:

Organizer undertakes to pay and accept the goods. Supplier undertakes to supply the goods, corresponding requiriments. listed above and provide warranty, 1 to 1 replacement for defectives or ACTUAL item price refund at our choice.

Related documents:

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  • Shenzhen First Offce (Offer received) USD46 409.70
  • Top Print (Waiting for offer)
  • Top Jet
  • Mito (Cancelled)
  • Zhuhai ChinaMate (Offer received) USD45 445.40
  • Retech
  • Polytoner
  • PrinterMayin (Offer received) USD45 646.30
  • Ourway
  • Amida (Offer received) — USD48 736.40
  • Zhuhai Sacon (Cancelled)

If your company not in this list and you want to apply to this tender, please send me your company business card first to get approval. Thank you.

Last and best offers, confirmed by organizer:

No offers has been made yet


LLC TonerOptTorg, 115230 Russian Federation, Moscow, Varshavskoe Shosse, d36s8

+7 495 775 50 53.

Resposible person: Mr. Evgeny Lapshov (, Tel. and WeChat +79199933250)